Attributes in Dark Alliance features the Strength, Agility and Capacity of each playable character. You can gain XP by defeating Enemies or completing Quests to level up. By leveling up you will gain attribute_point_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxAttribute Points that can be used to increase an Attribute of your choice by 1 per point.

Each Attribute can be increased up to 20 this way. However,  there are some Weapons and Armor that grant you bonus Attributes, allowing you to exceed the level 20 limit.  


During a quest, it is recommended that you explore most alternative paths before following the waypoints that lead directly to your objectives, to find additional loot and enemies to farm XP. You may also find a hidden Shrine which access may be locked by some kind of puzzle that you need to solve to gain access to it. Once you gain access, interact with the Shrine to gain an additional  attribute_point_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxAttribute Point

If you complete the quest and replay the quest with the same character you won't be able to interact with the Shrine again. It will be only available to interact once with each playable character.

Attributes Cap

Each Character's Attribute can be increased up to level 20 by assigning attribute_point_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxAttribute Points.

However, there are certain Weapons and Armor that grant you bonus Attributes, allowing you to exceed the level 20 cap.


Dark Alliance Attributes


This ability determines physical power and aptitude. Strength imparts a bonus to a character's physical damage and provides an armor buff.


This ability score measures one's agility and balance. As Dexterity increases, so too does a character's critical chance and critical damage.


This ability measures all forms of one's durability. Constitution increases a character's Stamina and Stamina Regeneration, as well as boosting Hit Points.



This ability score is a reflection of a character's knowledge. Intelligence provides a boost to Elemental Damage, Condition Penetration, and reduces cooldown timers.


This ability score affects common sense and intuition. Wisdom provides a resistance boost to Elemental Damage and Condition Resistance.


This ability score measures personability and one's social presence. Charisma increases the charge rate of a character's Ultimate and increases their Proximity radius.


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