Bangor's Span is a Mission in Dark AllianceBangor's Span is the third act of Companions of Icewind Dale. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions. Below you will find a complete Bangor's Span Walkthrough.


General Information


Video Walkthrough

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Preferred Gear Set Drop




Full Bangor's Span Walkthrough


Difficulty Settings


Recommended Combat Score 1000

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 6
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 3,700
common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 400
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 70


Recommended Combat Score 1,250

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 6
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 4,800
uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 80
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 155


Recommended Combat Score 1,500

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 2 - 3
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 6
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 6,800
uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 160
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 285


Recommended Combat Score 1850

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 3 - 4
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 6
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 8,300
rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 60
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 485


Recommended Combat Score 2300

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 3 - 4
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 6
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 10,000
epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 24
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 780


Recommended Combat Score 2,800

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 4 - 5
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 6
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 12,500
epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 48
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 1,195


The Duergar we faced were but an advanced force of legions on approach along Bangor's Span - the lone gateway to the Underdark.

Dwarven sappers had collapsed bridges and tunnels all across their domain, but they had been unable to reach the Span.

It was up to us. Destroy Bangor's Span and the duergar army would be safely stranded in the Underdark. But we would first have to face the elite force of duergar holding the Span's entry.

Main Objectives

♦ Reach the Portal
♦ Reach Bangor's Span
♦ Defeat Garnn and Murdunn


♦ N/A


Reach Bangor's Span

Once you regain control of your character, move along the path until you reach some Duergar on the lower level, defeat them. Keep heading down along the path. You will eventually reach three more Duergar, defeat them and grab the Explosive barrel on the right. 

Cross the gap, turn left, and pass the fire to break a crystal and a Tablet. Turn back and keep going. You will face a new enemy type. The Stygian Raider. They are a small group, once defeated a Short Rest will become available. There is a chest against the wall for you to loot.

Keep advancing, you will see a wooden platform from which you can loot a gold sack, and there is a platform that is missing something in order to be activated. Turn back and head left. Interact with the cage, you will be able to leave an explosive barrel to open a door. This will lead you to a lever handle. 

Return to the previous wooden platform to insert the handle and use it. You can collect a Tablet and a chest. Keep moving forward. You will reach a large area with a wooden bridge in the middle, past the bridge you will face more Stygian Raiders, and some Duergar will spawn from the other side. Defeat them to unlock a Short Rest. After making your choice, go past the bridge and break the stones on your right. Jump across the gap and grab the crystal on your right.

Now climb up the small wall and you will find a chest, a gold sack and your first Relief. Collect them all. Once you go down, you  will be ambushed by more Stygian Raiders. Defeat them and return to the previous area with the wooden bridge in the middle, now turn right and climb. You will find a crystal, break it and keep moving forward. You will face your face Stygian Charger. You can obtain an Explosive Barrel from him. 

Keep moving and jump across the gap, pass between the three fires to avoid damage and obtain gold. Cross the wooden bridge and turn right. Wait for the fire to die out to make your jump across, climb and on the left corner you will find another Explosive Barrel, collect it. Turn back and jump to the upper platform on your right.

You will find a gold sack, a chest and a Tome. Let yourself fall, and take the wooden bridge on your right to face more Duergar. Once defeated another Short Rest will unlock. Make your choice. 

You will find a little shack in a corner in which you can insert an Explosive Barrel. Do it and move back to avoid the detonation, there is a red barrel that will trigger immediately after the explosive barrel, so don't get near yet. Once both blow up, enter the little shack to obtain a Tome. Cross the big wooden bridge, you will find a lever almost at the end, activate it. Jump across the wooden platforms to reach the other side. Prepare to face more Duergar.

After defeating the DuergarStygian Raiders will spawn. Once dispatched, a Short Rest becomes available. A few meters behind the short rest, you will find a ballista, go behind it to fin a crystal, and a makeshift wall, break it and go through it. You will find spikes, watch the pattern before advancing, and note that there is a fire-spitting gargoyle at the end. You will reach a gold sack and a chest once past the trap.

Return to the open area, turn right and keep advancing, jump across the gap. and move until you reach to a lever that lowers a wooden platform. Jump on it and them jump to your right. collect the chest and the gold sacks and then activate the lever to cross the spikes without problem. Head to the elevator and activate the lever here too.

Defeat Garnn and Murdunn

A cutscene will trigger. You will be tossed directly into the boss battle after the cutscene, you will have to face Garnn & Murdunn. Garnn is the one with the shield, and Murdunn is the spellcaster. Duergar will spawn during the fight so be mindful of that.

Once you defeat them, another cutscene will be triggered.




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