Battle Trance

Battle Trance
Grants Vampiric and Frenzy to Drizzt
Hero Drizzt Do'Urden
Type Ability

Battle Trance is an Ability in Dark Alliance. Battle Trance can be used by Drizzt Do'Urden. When used, name will provide the following effect: "Grants Vampiric and Frenzy to Drizzt". Each character has 4 Abilities, but only 2 may be active at the same time.


Battle Trance Information

When activated, Battle Trance provides the following effect

  • Grants Vampiric and Frenzy to Drizzt


Battle Trance Requirement

To unlock Battle Trance you must fulfill the following requirements


Notes and Tips

  • Elixir of Concentration can be used to reduce the cooldown
  • Only 2 abilities can be active at the same time
  • Abilities can be changed from the Equipment Menu



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