Bosses in Dark Alliance features a compendium of a special, unique, and powerful types of Enemies. Dark Alliance Bosses are encountered throughout the game and have increased health, a unique set of attacks, skills, abilities, and their own behavior and stats. Players will usually face against bosses during special points of the story where specific events unfold, and some locations require the boss to be defeated in order to further progress the game or to unlock more areas.

This Dark Alliance Bosses Guide provides various guides and strategies on how to defeat a certain boss, as well as information regarding its location, statistics, rewards, lore, and much more. This page covers a list of all the bosses in Dark Alliance.


All Dark Alliance Bosses

Companions of Icewind Dale



The Goblin's Shard



Verbeeg Jamboree



The Order of the One Light



The Mask of Kelvin



Crystalline Dreams


The Fury of Icewind




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