Character Selection for Dark Alliance allows you to choose between 4 distinct different characters. There is no Character Creation in the game, so you will instead play as one of the 4 pre-determined heroes. Each hero has their own Attributes, Race and fulfills a different archetype in the traditional D&D party composition. These four characters are:


Character Customization

There is no character customization or character creation for the characters, as they already have fixed Stats, gender, Classes and appearance at the start of the game. You can change cosmetic appearance by equipping different types Armor or Weapons.

Who is the best character?

There is no "best character", as they all have their different strengths and weaknesses. It is also important to note that YOUR playstyle may be the defining factor in which character is best to for you. 


Dark Alliance Available Characters

Bruenor Battlehammer
Bruenor Battlehammer

Class: Fighter
Role: Tank

Tough as nails. Frontline and threat management expert. Can trigger a team attack by performing a Parry or Exhausted Execute.


Class: Fighter
Role: Archer/Sniper

Punishes foes at long range with arrows. Performs acrobatic flips to keep a safe distance. Can trigger a Team Attack by performing a Parry or landing the last hit on a monster with an aimed arrow shot.

Drizzt Do'Urden
Drizzt Do'Urden

Class: Ranger
Role: Duelist/Assassin

Rapid strikes and high mobility. Performs Backstab executions on vulnerable monsters. Can trigger a Team Attack by performing a Parry or Backstab Attack.


Class: Barbarian
Role: Assault/Shock Troop

Heavy, armor-breaking strikes. Makes monsters vulnerable to follow-up attacks. Can trigger a Team Attack by performing a Parry or Empowered Strike.

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      There needs to be an online mode where you can make your own characters. That is truly the best part of a dnd campaign. From there people can buy story’s and campaigns to go through, automatically making the game more playable.

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