Companions of Icewind Dale is a Mission in Dark AllianceCompanions of Icewind Dale is the first available Mission in Dark Alliance. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions

Missions in Dark Alliance are divided into three different Acts. Once you complete an act, the next one becomes available. When you complete all three acts, another Mission becomes available.

Companions of Icewind Dale

Mission Briefing

Bruenor's people have fled their home, driven out by new threats that have come to claim the Crystal Shard.


Preferred Gear Set Drop

Tundra Raptor Set (Drizzt Do'Urden)
Hoard Rider Set (Bruenor Battlehammer)
Tundra Explorer Set (Catti-Brie)
Tundra Trapper Set (Wulfgar)


Once you complete all three acts of  Companions of Icewind Dale you unlock the following Missions:






Companions of Icewind Dale Acts

Goblins at the Gates


The united peoples of Icewind Dale had defeated Kessell's armies and destroyed his Crystal Tower.

But the dwarven warriors of Clan Battlehammer returned home to find their halls overrun, their people fleeing the valley.

We rushed to their aid, fighting our way through the goblins and verbeeg to find the goblin commander and put an end to this siege.

enemies_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_80pxEnemies: Goblins, Verbeeg, Cultists

bosses_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxBossessPloobo Bonesucker, Greags the Ear-lopper

Halls of the Duergar


It was not the goblins that drove the Battlehammers from their halls. It was duergar. They came from the Underdark and had penetrated the lower Halls, exposing the dwarves to attack.

With the dwarven warriors off fighting Kessell, those dwarves who remained behind were no match for the invading duergar.

Before the Battlehammer Halls could be secured, we would have to seal the duergar breaching tunnels.

enemies_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_80pxEnemies: Goblins, Verbeeg, Cultists, Duergar, Trolls

bosses_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxBosses: Stonegrinder

Bangor's Span


The duergar we faced were but an advanced force of legions on approach along Bangor's Span - the lone gateway to the Underdark.

Dwarven sappers had collapsed bridges and tunnels all across their domain, but they had been unable to reach the Span.

It was up to us. Destroy Bangor's Span and the duergar army would be safely stranded in the Underdark. But we would first have to face the elite force of duergar holding the Span's entry.

enemies_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_80pxEnemiesGoblinsVerbeegCultistsDuergarTrolls, Stygian Raiders, Stygian Chargers

bosses_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxBosses: Garnn & Murdunn


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