Crystalline Dreams is a Mission in Dark AllianceCrystalline Dreams becomes available once you complete all three acts of The Mask of Kelvin. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions

Missions in Dark Alliance are divided into three different Acts. Once you complete an act, the next one becomes available. When you complete all three acts, another Mission becomes available.

Crystalline Dreams

Mission Briefing

A powerful being has dominated some of the duergar stranded in Icewind Dale and has them mining chardalyn crystals and crystal remnant.

Preferred Gear Set Drop

Battlerager Set (Bruenor Battlehammer)
Underdark Camo Set (Catti-Brie)
Sorcere's Sentinel Set (Drizzt Do'Urden)
Corsair's Panache Set (Wulfgar)


Once you complete all three acts of  Crystalline Dreams you unlock the following Missions:




Crystalline Dreams Acts

The Floating City


Chardalyn crystales are plentiful in the ruins under Kelvin's Cairn. Their magic once helped keep Kelvin's floating city in the clouds.

But now, duergar had moved in to mine the chardalyn from the city's ruins and were trucking it down deep into the catacombs.

Four runeswords controlled the entrance to the lower mines, and we would have to light them all to press deeper into the duergar operation.



Crystal Harvest


The dwarves had long abandoned the mines under Kelvin's Cairn due to the toxic presence of crystal remnant - the remains of Kelvin's Crystal Towers.

Such concerns were of no mattter to duergar, nor to the cultists who had come to entreat with the being the duergar served.

We would have to run the gauntlet of duergar and cultist minions before we could come face-to-face with this entity.



A Crystal Crown


Hadegorn was the name that echoed in our minds. It was what had dominated the duergar. An aberration. A beholder.

Hagedorn was combining chardalyn and crystal remnant, using its magic to form the materials into some sort of arcane device.

We would have to defeat Hagedorn and destroy the artifact it was trying to create: its own dreamed-up manifestation of the Crystal Shard.




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