Cultists are Enemies in Dark AllianceCultists can be found at the Missions that are listed below. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Cultists Description

They call it the Order of the One Light - cultists who worship Crenshinibon, a powerful and sentient artifact also known as the Crystal Shard. The Cultists believe that the shard is actively seeking its "vessel," the one who can wield the shard and fulfill its purpose of becoming a god.

They regard ambition as the highest virtue and the key to becoming one with Crenshinibon's will. The Cultists consume crystal remnant, a material that forms when Crenshinibon's creations mix with ice. They claim that it helps them hear Crenshinibon's whispers, but it also taints their minds. The crystal remnant does grant them great power, but it corrupts their bodies. Their bodies can become overloaded with crystal remnant, that any arcane casting or violent activity can cause them to explode. 

Crenshinibon was lost for centuries, and recently resurfaced and was used in a war in Icewind Dale, only to disappear again. The cultists have converged on the dale to seek the Shard, and possible to find or become the "One Vessel."


Cultists Combat Information

Cultists movements may be unpredictable, they can teleport around to get away from danger. They can also get close to you very fast. Sometimes their death animation is a little bit long and it may be confusing to know if they are already defeated. They can turn invisible, but if they get hit, they will become visible enough.


Cultists Location

Cultists can be found at the following Missions:


Cultists Notes & Tips

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