Frost Giant are Enemies in Dark AllianceFrost Giant can be found at the following Missions: Ghosts of the Past and The Face of Kelvin. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Frost Giant Description

The giants were the first people in the north, possiblythe first people to inhabit this world. Of the many types of giants, the frost giants are the most suited to survive in the harsh environment of Icewind Dale. They live in the hinterlands, mountains, and on the ice floes and the glacier. They are fierce and hardy warriors who mostly survive by raiding neighboring tribes.
In spite of their barbaric lifestyle, they are intelligent and organized. Signs of ancient frost giant cities lie buried under ice, scattered around the hinterlands, and under Kelvin's Cairn, named for their ancient fallen king. They are competitive and fiercely independent, so their society is formed in small clans supporting the most powerful member of their tribe. On occasion a leader will rise to power who is strong enough that the nearby clans will submit to his leadership, and form a single frost giant kingdom.
Currently, a frost giant named War, a self-described descendant of Kelvin, has united a few frost giant Dale clans under his banner.



Frost Giant Combat Information

Frost Giant look scary because of their size, but they perform very slow and uneficient attacks, that are very easy to dodge. Sometimes even if you ignore Frost Giants in battle, their attacks are so uneficient that they may still not hit you even if you are not focused on dodging them. All of their movements a very slow, so they are very predictable. Frost Giants can also be very easily interrupted, if you spam attacks at them, they won't be able to perform any attack. Frost Giant type bosses can also be cornered and defeated this way. 


Frost Giant Location

Frost Giant can be found at the following Missions:


Frost Giant Notes & Tips

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