Gnoll are Enemies in Dark AllianceGnoll can be found at the following Missions:  The Verbeeg Jamboree, Designs of the Duergar and The Hunting Grounds. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Gnoll Description

The hyena-like gnoll is a bloodthirsty, feral humanoid that lacks any sense of conscience or compassion. They live in nomadic packs, wandering the outskirts of civilization and survive by raiding. They attack randomly, descending on a town without warning, slaughtering, devouring and pillaging until only smoking ruins and desiccated corpses are left.
Although they seem blindly ruthless, they exhibit deceptive cunning. Because they build no structures or tools of their own, they scavenge all that they need from their victims, roughly modifying armor and weaponry to fit their hunched, muscular bodies. The first gnolls were spawned aeons ago by the demon Lord Yeenoghu, the Beast of Butchery, wrought from the hyenas that scavenged in the wake of his destruction. Gnolls still worship and make sacrifices to him.
In return, the most vicious, blood-soaked gnolls are elevated by the demon Lord, gifted with the honor of being possessed by a demonic spirit and anointed a Fang of Yeenoghu. The Fangs often serve as pack leaders on material-plane missions for Yeenoghu



Gnoll Combat Information

Gnolls are not seen very frequently, they are a very active enemy, with a lot of movement and different attacks. But they don't have a very big amount of health, so if you focus on them, you will defeat them, but they still may successfully hit you once or twice. They are very efficient at fighting but the don't make you fall to the ground nor interrupt your attacks. It is recommended to prioritize defeat them during combat.


Gnoll Location

Gnoll can be found at the following Missions:


Gnoll Notes & Tips

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