Goat Tribe Stygian Raider is an Enemy in Dark AllianceGoat Tribe Stygian Raider can be found at the following Missions: Bangor's Span, An Infernal Dispute and Order of the One Light. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Goat Tribe Stygian Raider Description

The Reghed Tribe of the Goat has spent thousands of years in Stygia, the fifth layer of the Nine Hells. What events transpired to see an entire tribe bound in service to Levistus has likely been lost to time, no doubt some infernal bargain was struck that found the Goat Tribe locked in the arch devil's grip.
Much like their Dale brethren, a Goat Tribe Raider prides itself on its combat prowess and strength. Unrelenting punishment under the whips of their superiors has hardened them far beyond anything they knew enduring the arduous winters of Icewind Dale. They have proved their value to Levistus' pit-bosses on the front lines of Avernus, and the tribesmen were gifted with limited magical abilities to better serve the stygian hierarchy. They became known as Goat Raiders, or simply, and dismissively within the ranks of Levistus' army, as 'justgoats'.
Levistus has deployed many of his Goats to Icewind Dale to take control of the chaos which has followed Akar Kessell's fall and to recover the Shard in their patron's name.


Goat Tribe Stygian Raider Combat Information

Goat Tribe Stygian Raider are not a very common enemy and they are not much of a threat either. They serve as a distraction while you fight a Stygian Charger. They can be useful to farm Ultimate charge and use it against more menacing enemies.


Goat Tribe Stygian Raider Location

Goat Tribe Stygian Raider can be found at the following Missions:


Goat Tribe Stygian Raider Notes & Tips

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