Goblins are Enemies in Dark AllianceGoblins are the most common and weakest enemy in the game. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Goblins Description

Goblins are small, black-hearted, treacherous humanoids that can be found living almost everywhere, from deep caverns and abandoned mines to ruins and evil fortresses. The rolling hills of Icewind Dale are riddled with goblin holes, which can be any divot or hollow where a goblin found shelter, or it can be part of a winding maze of tunnels that create a warren. 

Weak on their own, goblins find strength in numbers, even though as numbers increase so does the bickering and jockeying for status. For it there is one thing which defines a goblin, it is their hunder for power and strength. This seems contradictory, since they can always be found grovelling and scraping before powerful individuals, trying to curry favor. Goblins understand that they are small and weak, that they can be easily dominated by larger, smarter and tougher creatures. 

Understanding weakness is also what compels them to exploit any sign of weakness in others. It's an opportunity to finally be strong and dominate someone else, bullying and abusing for as long as the power dynamic leans in the goblin's favor.


Goblins Combat Information

Goblins have multiple attacks depending on the weapon they are wielding. Melee weapon Goblins are the easiest, their movements seem to be pretty short ranged and clumsy. Goblins with bows and arrow will obviously attack you from a distance, but they don't position themself strategically at all, they are also easy tod defeat, they can also shoot and arrow pointing the sky and make a rain of arrows on a small area in the combat zone. These Goblins are easy to defeat and useful to charge your Ultimate in case you are fighting a Boss.

Shielded Goblins require some more hits and hitting them for a short while may leave you exposed if you are being spammed by other enemies.


Goblins Location

Goblins can be found at the following Missions:


Goblins Notes & Tips

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