Goblins at the Gates is a Mission in Dark AllianceGoblins at the Gates is the first act of Companions of Icewind Dale. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions. Below you will find a complete Goblins at the Gates Walkthrough.


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Full Goblins at the Gates Walkthrough


Difficulty Settings


Recommended Combat Score 1,000

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 1,500
common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 120
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 50


Recommended Combat Score 1,250

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 2,000
common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 280
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 120


Recommended Combat Score 1,500

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 2 - 3
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 2,700
uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 60
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 220


Recommended Combat Score 1,850

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 3 - 4
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 3,300
rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 20
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 375


Recommended Combat Score 2,300

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 3 - 4
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 4,000
rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 40
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 600


Recommended Combat Score 2,800

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 4 - 5
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 5,000
epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 18
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 920


The united peoples of Icewind Dale had defeated Kessell's armies and destroyed his Crystal Tower.

But the dwarven warriors of Clan Battlehammer returned home to find their walls overrun, their people fleeing the valley. 

We rushed to their aid, fighting our way through the goblins and verbeeg to find the goblin commander and put an end to this siege.

Main Objective:

♦ Reach the Portal.
♦ Locate the invading force's supply camp.
♦ Destroy the Supply camp's ballista.
♦ Locate the lookout in the frozen cave.
♦ Destroy the lookout ballista.
♦ Locate the bridge camp.
♦ Destroy the Bridge Camp ballista.
♦ Move to the Battlehammer Hall overlook.
♦ Destroy the Battlehammer Hall overlook ballista.
♦ Move to the Battlehammer Plaza.
♦ Go up to the Battlehammer Gate.
♦ Defeat the goblin commander and his verbeeg lieutenant.


♦ Retrieve Dwarven Mugs 0/8
♦ Defeat Mogthump the Sticker


Reach the main portal to start the Mission. You will see a cutscene at the beginning.

Locate the supply Camp

After the cutscene ends, you will regain control of your character. Move forward and turn slightly to the right to find your first Dwarven Mug, on a wooden shield lying on the ground.

To your left there is a bag of gold, loot it to obtain gold. A little further ahead, to your right you will see a crystal, at the right of the doorway. Smash it to obtain Materials.

Continue past the doorway, right of a flaming sword you will see three frozen goblins, if you set foot on the icy ground you will be Slowed and may suffer some damage if you stay too long on it. There is a chest on a rock, past the icy spikes. If you get near the flaming sword you will get the Warmth, that allows you to traverse the icy spikes on the ground without suffering any penalties.

Go past the frozen goblins once you have the Warmth bonus to loot the chest, if you go around the corner to your right, you can also find a small chest containing gold.

Return to the flaming sword, and turn back, take the pathway between the two rocks. If you climb the small rock on your left, you may be able to hit the crystal to obtain more Materials. Continue until you reach the gap and jump across it. You will find more frozen goblins, and another lootable chest behind them. There is a little shack near the chest that contains lootable gold.

Return to where the flaming sword is, and not take the path to your left. Continue ahead to find another sack of gold. You will reach another gap, jump across it.  There are goblins talking, you can hear them but not see them yet. Reaching this fortress-like building completes the first main objective and enables the next one, to destroy the supply camp's ballista. To your left, before entering, you can collect another gold sack.

Head to what seems to be the entrance, an improvised barricade of sorts, with some red loin. Hit it with an attack to destroy it, you will see a group of goblins just ahead. Two on the left and two ahead of you. Use a ranged attack on the red barrel to make it explode.

To your right, you can find a Tome, on a wooden table. Now turn back and before advancing forward, head to the left corner and climb a small wall. Break the barricades and loot the chest.

You will find a campfire. Once you activate it, you have two options. The first one is to take a Short Rest, this marks the campfire as as new checkpoint, refill all Consumables but you lose any loot bonus you may previously acquired. Since this is likely your first campfire, you shouldn't worry about this drawback. The second option is to only gain a loot bonus, this allows you to increase the rarity of the loot you find.

Once you select your option, move forward, and then slightly to the left. There is a little chest to loot and a breakable Crystal. Now head right, to the ballista and destroy it, completing the objective. This will net you a new objective, to locate the lookout in the frozen cave.

Cross the bridge and head right, break the red crystal. Collect loot on the broken cart to your left, and the Tablet on your right. Fire a ranged attack to the red barrels. Loot the chest that stood behind the barrels. There is nothing else here, continue forward.

When the road forks, take the left turn first. Loot a gold sack and then destroy the make-up barricade to enter an ice cave. You will stumble upon 3 Goblins protecting a chest. Dispatch them to loot the chest.

Continue going onto the wooden platform. You will see there are a group of goblins, this time accompanied by an elite one. Defeat them. You can use the red barrel in the middle, to inflict some damage. Loot the chest on the wooden platform. Once you do, more goblins will appear. When you are done with the goblins turn back to loot a crystal and a sack of gold.

Continue going through that path to reach a flaming sword. Obtain the Warmth buff, to pass quickly through the icy floor. Move forward until the end to loot a chest.

Turn back and take the left path, you will eventually reach a wooden barricade, destroy it and keep going. You will see that you can climb a small wall on your left, head there, climb it and loot the gold sack on the floor. Turn left and climb again, to reach again the place where you fought the elite goblin.

Break the barricade on the far end, past the already looted chest. Jump from the wooden platform to the lower one. You will hear more goblins talking. As you move forward, the objective will be completed, and you will earn a new one. To destroy the lookout ballista.

Destory the lookout ballista

Head left and you will see a group of Enemies. Three goblins and a new enemy type, a Verbeeg. Once you defeat them, more will spawn. The ballista, your current objective, is located slightly behind the Verbeeg. Destroy it to earn your next objective, to locate the bridge camp. Near the ballista you can find a Tablet and some loot on the ground. There is also a breakable Crystal nearby.

You will find another campfire. Again, the choice is yours and depends on the amount of Health Potions you have spent during the course of the level.  

Now continue moving forward and jump across the gap. You will see Mogthump the Sticker on the lower level. He is one of your optional objectives of the level. Leave him alone for alone.

You will be ambushed by more goblins. Once defeated, take the stairs on the left side and you will see some suspicious looking rocks. There are traps near it, so beware as you approach the rocks.  When you see a rune-like pattern on the ground, move away from it to prevent suffering damage. Attack the rocks to reveal a chest, loot it.

Continue moving forward, destroy the barricade protecting the doorway. There is a small chest on your right, among some barrels that need to be destroyed. Keep moving until you see a circle, stand on it. Use the lever in front of you to activate the elevator.

Keep moving and you will be ambushed by Goblins. You will find a big hole in the middle of the room.  Head left and activate Warmth by standing next to the flaming sword, and loot the Dwarven Runestone. Go down the stairs and take the right path to go down another set of stairs. You will reach another icy area.

Mogthump the Sticker

Take the right path to find a chest, and break the stones to unlock the flaming sword under the stones.  Now head to Mogthump the Sticker, and fight him. Beware of his powerful attacks, to learn more about him, check the link on his name. Once he is down, loot the small chest near the other ladder, besides a red barrel. Don't forget to loot whatever the optional boss dropped.

Return to where you were before going down to face the optional boss. Now move forward to face a group of Goblins and a Verbeeg. After defeating the Enemies, you can find a breakable crystal to obtain more  upgrade Materials.

Once the door leading to the next area opens, two elite Goblins will come at you and after dealing with them a Short Rest will be available. Make your choice according to the amount of consumables you have still at your disposal.

Keep advancing further, once you pass the doorway, you will notice that the ground is filled with the rune-like traps, move away from the ground to evade them. Break the crystal on your left. Cross the improvised bridge to reach the bridge camp and complete the objective. You will have to destroy the bridge camp ballista now.

Destroy the Bridge camp Ballista

Destroy the ballista at your left after dealing with the Goblins, your Quest will be updated again, now you have to head to the Battlehammer hall overlook. There is also a Dwarven Mug near the ballista. To the right of the main entrance, there is another breakable crystal, and some barrels to reveal a path leading to a chest.

To the left, once you enter the building, there is a makeshift wall, that once destroyed reveals another breakable Crystal and gold sacks over a table. Continue moving forward to face a lonely Goblin, defeat him and jump the gap, go all the way to find a breakable crystal and a chest. Beware as there are more rune-like traps, so move to avoid them.

Now turn back and jump across the gap to climb the tower-like structure, on your right. Turn left once at the top to face an armored Goblin and turn left again, to face another goblin over the hanging bridge. Once past it, destroy the red barrel on your left to reveal a chest. Keep moving forward until you reach the big stone-like doorway.

Turn right to obtain a small chest and a gold sack, return to the doorway and enter. You will face two Goblin mages and an Ogre. More Goblins will join the fight as you defeat more Enemies. There is a Dwarven Mug on your right, near a cage and a red barrel. You can find a breakable crystal on the opposite side.

A Short Rest will become available once you defeat the opposition. Choose depending on your available potions.  Before heading left, move forward and evade the fire spitting gargoyle heads, to reach some loot. Jump across the gap, mind the fire, and loot a dead dwarf to find a Tablet. Turn back and jump all the way back.

Take the left path, jump across the gap, and press the switches on the floor. Go to the right before entering the cave, and press the switch on the other side, you can also find a chest here.

Head to the flaming sword and enter the cave, once you exit on the other side, you will have completed the objective, and a new game will take its place. This time you will have to destroy the Battlehanmmer Hall overlook ballista. Head left and prepare to face a new type of enemy. 

Destroy the Battlehammer Hall overlook Ballista

There are three Cultists there, fight them and once down, four more will spawn. Once down, destroy the ballista to complete the objective. A Short Rest will become available. 

You can loot a Dwarven mug in one of the jails of the right. There is a chest on the left, over a small climbable wall. Jump to get there. Loot it and get down.

On the nearest jail, near the dwarf's body, there is a Tome and a breakable crystal is near the ballista. Head to the wooden structure, to be transported by a portal to the Battlehammer Plaza. You will complete the objective once you arrive. Again, the new objective will be to destroy the Battlehammer Plaza ballista.

Move forward to face a group of Goblins, more will spawn as you defeat them. You will see a red barrel in front of you. destroy it and you will find a crystal behind it and some gold sacks. There is also another Tome nearby. Destroy the ballista, to complete the objective and earn another one. This time you have to go up to the Battlehammer Gate.

Before going up the elevator, go past it and destroy the barrels and cart just ahead, to open a path that leads to a chest. Beware of the ground traps. Near the chest, you can find another Dwarven Mug.

Defeat the Goblin Commander and his Verbeeg Lieutenant

Head to the elevator and activate the switch on the floor, to go up. Go ahead the next set of stairs to complete the objective and face Ploobo Bonesucker and Greags the Ear-lopper. Note that common goblins will also spawn from the sides while you face the Bosses. Try to focus on one of the Bosses first, and then move on to the other one. Once you defeat them, the first Act will be completed.


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