Gruuln Threechin

Gruuln Threechin
Mission Designs of the Duergar

Gruuln Threechin is one of the Bosses in Dark Alliance. Bosses are powerful Enemies, that deal massive damage and can have various immunities or resistances to certain attacks. They are usually found at the end of each act.


Gruuln Threechin information

Gruuln Threechin, is a Verbeeg, and one of the main objectives of Designs of the Duergar.


Gruuln Threechin Location 


How to Beat Gruuln Threechin

Gruuln Threechin Boss Guide:


Gruuln Threechin is guarding a needed runestone to progress through Designs of the Duergar. He is found alongside many Goblins, acting as his crew. Besides that, Gruuln behaves as most of the Verbeeg Bosses already found.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Fist stomp: Gruuln Threechin his the ground with his fist, causing AoE damage in a small radius. Dodge backwards.
Spear Thrust: Gruuln Threechin thrusts forward using the spear on his right hand. Dodge to either side.
3-hit-combo: Gruuln Threechin swings his spear two times and performs a final thrust attack. Dodge backwards and then to either side to dodge the final thrust
Spear throw: Gruuln Threechin throws his chained spear towards the player, if it lands, it will use it to grab you in front of him.  Dodge to either side.
Jump: Gruuln Threechin turns red and leans back to jump and fall in his place, attempting to crush you with his body  Fall back.
Hand Grab: Gruuln Threechin growls and moves forward attempting to grab you with his left hand.  Dodge to either side.
Vomit: Gruuln Threechin vomits in front of him, causing you the Poisoned Status Effect. Fall back.


Notes and Tips

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