Hagedorn is one of the Bosses in Dark Alliance. Bosses are powerful Enemies, that deal massive damage and can have various immunities or resistances to certain attacks. 


Hagedorn information

From deep within his secret lair, Hagedom heard a faint ancient voice call to him. The voice beckoned, pleading to pledge its ancient god-like powers to any unimaginable goals the beholder dreamed.
With his crippling paranoia suppressed by his ravenous hunger to wield such power, Hagedorn followed the shard's instructions to Icewind Dale. But when he arrived, he found only chaos and no Shard. His ego was greatly insulted that Crenshinibon did not immediately reveal itself to him, the Shard's chosen one, so he retreated to the Kelvin's catacombs with a new purpose. With plenty of miserable duergar scrambling around, an isolated squad were easily subjugated by the threat of his legendarily deadly eyestalks. His new minions were ordered to mine Kelvin's ancient city of its chardalyn crystals and harvest the crystal remnant remains from his Crystal Towers. Hagedorn then used his dark magic to craft crystalline antennae that would focus the power of his dreams. And it was working. A Crystal Shard was indeed manifesting.
But before the device was completed, before Hagedorn could begin his reign of domination, the Companions defeated the beholder and Hagedorn slipped away into his own dream.


Hagedorn Location & Drops


How to Beat Hagedorn

Hagedorn Boss Guide:


Hagedorn is a highly mobile boss that can teleport around the battlefield. Many of his attacks are unique to him, so you haven't seen them outside of this battle. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Bite: Hagedorn uses his fierce jaw to attempt to bite you off Dodge to either side.
Mouth Blast: Hagedorn charges energy in his moth and releases a blast. Dodge to either side.
Soul spin: Hagedorn teleports to the center of the platform and proceeds to spin and shoots energy in all directions. Keep moving to both sides.
StormHagedorn teleports to the center of the platform and proceeds to spin and shoots energy in all directions. Keep moving to any side.
Eye Beam: Hagedorn charges energy on his eyes and shoots. Dodge to either side.
Shadow Eye: Hagedorn charges energy in the air and then releases it. The whole main platform is used for this attack. Jump to one of the back platforms.


Notes and Tips

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