Icewind is one of the Bosses in Dark Alliance. Bosses are powerful Enemies, that deal massive damage and can have various immunities or resistances to certain attacks. 


Icewind information

The ancient white dragon, Ixbillailzakzillimiliax, Icewind herself, namesake of Icewind Dale, is a legend, a myth formed of ice. Those who first came north and called this place home were terrorized by this gargantuan beast, whose breath they equated to the north wind.
The smallest but most feral of their kind, white dragons like Icewind prefer to attack first without stopping to ask questions, freezing their enemies instantly with their deadly exhalations. She awakened from a long slumber and returned to the Dale, perhaps drawn by the call of the Shard. But the untimely death of her mate Ingeloakastimizilian (better known to some as langdeath) at the hands of the Dale heroes drove Icewind to the point of single-minded retaliation. She wanted the Shard, a tantalizing addition for her hoard, but not before she exacted her vengeance and reminded the Dale of who truly ruled these snowy lands.
Fortunately, her rampage was put to an end before she was able to freeze the Dale and claim the Shard for herself.


Icewind Location


How to Beat Icewind

Icewind Boss Guide:


Icewind is a massive Dragon and the final Boss of Dark Alliance. The battlefield is Icingdeath's tomb, and before the fight Icewind vows to avenge him. Your objective is to fire some ballistas located at the corners of the battlefield to damage the Dragon. These ballistas are guarded by Icewind's minions.

When Icewind goes up high and casts Ice Blasts, you can only damage her by using the ballista. Once hit, she will eventually leave the battlefield flying, leaving you to deal with her minions. Before setting on the battlefield again, she will come spitting ice, thus being able to leave you Frozen. You will have to repeat this process a few times during the fight. Anytime she goes up in the air, staying in the middle, your objective will change to activate the ballista to shoot her down.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Ice Blasts: Icewind flies up in the sky and starts firing ice blasts from her mouth. During this move, Icewind is invincible and can't be harmed. Start moving to a direction and don't stop. Use a ballista to damage her.
Claw Attack: Icewind rises up her right-front leg and hits from right to left. Dodge to either side.
Bite: Icewind leaps her face forward, attempting to bite with her powerful jaws. Dodge to either side.


Notes and Tips

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