Kronus Seven Scars

Mission Order of the One Light

Kronus Seven Scars is one of the Bosses in Dark Alliance. Bosses are powerful Enemies, that deal massive damage and can have various immunities or resistances to certain attacks. They are usually found at the end of each act.


Kronus Seven Scars information

Kronus Seven Scars is a cultist, that can be found alongside a group of his brethren during Order of the One Light.


Kronus Seven Scars Location 



How to Beat Kronus Seven Scars

Kronus Seven Scars Boss Guide:


Kronus uses powerful magic to attack you, and he is capable of inflicting the Cursed Status Effect. Kronus can also teleport around the battlefield. It doesn't help that his companions look a lot like him, allowing to blend easily.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Charged Blast: Kronus joins his hands gathering energy and releases a powerful blast dealing AoE damage. Move backwards as fast as possible
Focused Beam: Kronus shoots a horizontal beam from the palms of his hands. Dodge to either side.
Ice Tomb: Kronus channels energy and encases himself in an ice tomb. When he does, he becomes immune and also may inflict Frozen if damaged. -


Notes and Tips

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