Merchant in Dark Alliance refers to Kartik who is the only Merchant in the game. Kartik can be found before starting any missions and he will provide you with potions, and upgrades for your equipment in exchange of Crystals and Gold that you can gather by completing Missions, looting the area and defeating Enemies. You can also sell unequiped equipment to Kartik in exchange of Gold.


Upgrading Consumables

You can upgrade Potions at the merchant's stand. All potions start at level 1 and can be upgraded up to level 3.


Materials: Crystals

There are 5 types of Crystals that can be obtained:

  • Common (common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px
  • Uncommon (uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px
  • Rare (rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px
  • Epic (epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px
  • Legendary(legendary_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px)

The rarity of the item you want to upgrade will settle the rarity of the Crystals you are going to need. You can upgrade or downgrade Crystals to obtain Crystals of higher or lower rarity.


Gold (coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px) is the Currency throughout the game that can be obtained by defeating Enemies, looting the areas for chests or breakable stuff that may store something inside. Completing Missions is rewarded with Gold and Materials. The harder the difficulty chosen for the Quest, the higher the reward in Gold.

Gold is mainly used to upgrade your equipment, but you will generally also need Materials to do so. Gold can also be used to upgrade Materials.   



You can customize the visual appearance of your Equipment. Skins are purely cosmetic and do not change the Equipment's combat stats





Upgrade & Downgrade Materials

Upgrade & Downgrade


Downgrading uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxUncommon Crystal (x1) to common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxCommon Crystal x10 gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 25
Downgrading rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxRare Crystal (x1) to uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxUncommon Crystal (x8) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 75
Downgrading epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxEpic Crystal (x1) to rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxRare Crystal (x6) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 250
Downgrading legendary_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxLegendary Crystal (x1) to epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxEpic Crystal (x3) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 625
Upgrading common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxCommon Crystal (x10) to uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxUncommon Crystal (x1) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 50
Upgrading uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxUncommon Crystal (x8) to rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxRare Crystal (x1) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 150
Upgrading rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxRare Crystal (x6) to epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxEpic Crystal (x1) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 500
Upgrading epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxEpic Crystal (x3) to legendary_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxLegendary Crystal (x1) gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 1,250


Dark Alliance Consumable Items



Unlock Cost

Health Potion

Restores a certain % of the character's health based on the item's level, up to 90% of Health at max level. None

Stamina Potion

Restores a certain % of the character's Stamina based on the item's level, up to 50% of Stamina at max level gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 750

Potion of Heroism

Restores a certain % of the character's Ultimate Meter based on the item's level, up to 75% ot Ultimate Meter recovery at max level gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1,500

Alchemist Fire

Deals a certain % of Physical Damage in a Radius based on the item's level, up to 250% of Physical Damage at max level gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1,500

Elixir of Cleansing

Removes Debuffs and grants Unstoppable buff for a period of time based on the item's level. At max level it lasts for 50 seconds. gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1,000

Elixir of Resistance

Grants a certain % of Physical Damage Resistance for a period of time based on the item's level, up to 50% for 75 seconds at max level gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1,000

Elixir of Elemental Resistance

Grants a certain % of Elemental Damage Resistance for a period of time based on the item's level, up to 50% for 75 seconds. gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px750

Elixir of Concentration

Reduces a % Cooldown for a period of time based on the item's level, up to 50% for 75 seconds at max level, up to 50% for 30 seconds at Max level. gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1,500


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