Patch Notes for Dark Alliance features an overview of all the patches released by the developer Tuque Games. The following patches are free and are released via online PlayStation Network, Xbox Live or Steam, these patches focus on game balance, performance and localization issues.


Dark Alliance Patch Notes


Release Notes & Free DLC

Updated November 18th, 2021.

The long awaited FREE DLC drop is here! Coming in hot is a new map, The Crystal Wraiths DLC, which contains three acts to complete with new cinematics, new lore items, new bosses and a new in-game trophy to earn.


  • Buffed Frightened: from -50% to -60% physical damage output
  • The level 5 Elixir of Elemental Resistance and the level 5 Elixir of Resistance now have benefits over their level 4 versions
  • Catti-brie's Full Roundhouse move now has the chance to grant Elemental Adept
  • Increased the damage of Kelvin's Pillar of Ice attack
  • Increased the damage of Akar Kessell's Meteor Swarm
  • Decreased the damage and increased the Virulence of Duergar Bomber Timed Bombs
  • Increased loot chances for higher rarities across all Difficulties
  • Increased chance of per-Act preferred sets from 20% to 33%
  • Updated Recommended Combat Power scores according to new balancing and feedback
  • Reduced from 50% damage increase to 30% for Powerful Strikes (to be in line with changes made to Weakened and Cursed)
  • Combat Power bonuses from Feats no longer stack after using Abilities which buff characters

General Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue in which, sometimes, loot could not be picked up after opening a Large Chest in a Multiplayer session
  • Fixed an issue in which players would be unable to manually skip subsequent short rests after skipping a short rest
  • Fixed an issue in which Small Chests would not always refill spent Usable slots after being opened throughout the title
  • Fixed an issue in which, occasionally, players were unable to grab loot dropped from enemies
  • Fixed an issue in which players were sometimes unable to increase Loot Rarity after cancelling Short Rest at Campfires throughout the title on PS4
  • Multiple moves from the Bomber's moveset no longer trigger damage from all types
  • Akar Kessel no longer becomes unresponsive if spawning near a downed player
  • Players can no longer get tethered behind magic barriers
  • Useables can no longer be used during loading screens
  • Two booyaghs are no longer invisible and upon spawning as reinforcements in the Companions of Icewind Dale Act 1 boss fight
  • Players can no longer unequip potions, to fix an issue in which the "Drink a Healing Potion" tutorial objective could not be completed if the player did not have any healing potions equipped before entering the Trials of Tempus
  • Fixed an issue in which pressing the sort button repeatedly would cause the Journal menu to freeze
  • The title now recognizes the initial controller after a second controller is disconnected
  • Kessell's Meteor Swarm's markers no longer spawn above the ground
  • Players can now assist other players when they are under the grappled condition from a Verbeeg trap
  • Icebiter can no longer be instantly defeated by being pushed through a wall during the final encounter in The Goblin's Shard Act 2
  • Skornn Soulreaver can no longer be exploited and defeated without reacting to the player character
  • The Booyagh's projectile attack now deals damage to player characters in Multiplayer
  • Duergar Mind master hex orb attack now deals damage to player characters in Multiplayer
  • Troll's rock projectile now deals damage to player characters in Multiplayer
  • Sapped debuff now affects player characters
  • Hamboog performs the correct animation rather than sliding when turning on spot
  • Goblin Captains, Duergars and Gnoll Hunters perform the correct animation rather than sliding on the spot when turning to face the player character
  • The primary stat of Wulfgar's Necrotic Resistance Warhammer correctly gives Attack Damage instead of Armor
  • Catti-Brie's charged fierce attacks do not count towards the "Defeat Monsters with Fierce Attacks" objective in the Trials of Tempus
  • Catti-brie's Goblin Reaper set now gives the correct amount of critical hit bonus
  • Characters are no longer immune to environmental hazards when their elemental resistance is equal to or greater than 100
  • Trophies earned on a previous save file are no longer visible in Kelvin's Cairn on a subsequent new save file
  • Icewind boss no longer moves to the side after loading into The Fury of Icewind Act 3 boss fight
  • Fixed issues in which some attacks with red outlines could be blocked or parried
  • Kinetic Push now pushes Player Characters in the Crystalline Dreams Act 3 boss fight
  • Horde Breaker now gives physical damage bonus when Catti-brie is surrounded by 3 enemies instead of 4
  • Goblin Bane's 8-piece bonus now extends all taunt effects
  • Goblin Elemental Archer projectile now appears when fired in Multiplayer
  • Fixed instances of excess and missing collision in all maps
  • Fixed instances of objects clipping into each other, as well as missing, inconsistent or stretched textures on objects
  • Fixed dark textures on the wooden floor planks near area B1 in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
  • Remorhaz Brotherhood Chestguard thigh guards no longer remain visible during Drizzt's 'Blink' ability
  • Added support to a ladder in the second encounter in The Fury of Icewind Act 2
  • AoE damage from Catti-brie's arrows no longer persist for a few seconds after impact
  • AOE and VFX are no longer mismatched for Duergar Bomber projectile
  • 3D model no longer persists on Skin-preview position upon switching menu options at the Merchant
  • Uncommon and Epic Underdark Camo Bracers now display correct stat values
  • Gear fur no longer display as blocks of stretched textures
  • Magical Barriers now have transition animations when disabled in Multiplayer
  • Catti-brie's 8-piece Alustriel's Gift set bonus now applies correctly
  • Fixed Gear clipping through character models


  • Fixed an issue which, in some encounters, enemies would only react if the player character was very close to them
  • Sword Wraiths no longer snap to their home position when the player leaves the navmesh while performing an attack
  • Verbeeg boss in Companions of Icewind Dale Act 1 can now use the stairs to approach the player character


  • Added missing barks and banter lines
  • Initial banter from the Merchant no longer plays every time a player returns to Kelvin's Cairn
  • Catti-brie's bow charging SFX no longer play for all other characters' aim attacks
  • The bark for triggering a Team Attack now plays for correct character
  • Pressing and holding the X and/or B buttons on a controller no longer play the Short Rest SFX while in other areas of the title


  • Fixed inconsistencies between the text and voiceover for World Map mission texts in all languages
  • Fixed mistranslations in other languages

Matchmaking and Networking:

  • Fixed an issue in which players would sometimes get a Failed to join session error when attempting to return to Kelvin's Cairn in Multiplayer
  • Fixed issues in which players might disconnect from the session upon leaving the level on PlayStation consoles
  • Fixed issues in which players were unable to connect to Multiplayer sessions on Xbox consoles
  • Fixed rare crashes on Xbox and PlayStation consoles
  • Lobby now changes to Public or Friends only when a new host attempts to change the setting on PlayStation consoles
  • Fixed an issue which, rarely, players would get disconnected after trying to join a session through Quickplay
  • Fixed lag spikes after completing certain quest objectives throughout the title
  • On PC, launching the title via an invite or the friend menu now puts players in a Multiplayer session

Performance and Stability:

  • Fixed a crash which could occur after receiving the inactivity prompt in a map
  • Fixed crashes on Xbox One consoles that were occurring while in Multiplayer
  • Fixed a massive FPS drop occurring when player characters were hit by Akar Kessel's Cloudkill attack
  • Improved performance in The Fury of Icewind, Crystalline Dreams and The Order of the One Light

User Interface and User Experience:

  • Players can now choose to skip the Tally Screen at the end of a mission
  • Added ability countdown timers
  • Added additional Controller presents
  • Added new error messages:
    • When the player is trying to create a Multiplayer session without an internet connection
    • To warn players they will be kicked due to inactivity
    • To inform players they have been kicked due to inactivity
    • When a player attempts to return to a session from which they were previously kicked out
  • Added new loading screen tips, mission descriptions and images
  • Added the ability to view Moves and Equipped Gear while in a mission
  • Added the ability to restore default settings in Keybinding menu while in a mission
  • Added Buff Icons to the "Icon Legend" menu
  • Added AZERTY Support for Keyboard & Mouse controls
  • "Controller disconnected" UI prompt no longer remains stuck on-screen if the player opens the session manager while the disconnect UI is present
  • A message is now shown when the player disconnects from Xbox Live during 'Searching for game' after selecting 'Quick Play' on Xbox consoles
  • Clarified the error message when attempting to join a full session
  • Clarified the error message when joining a public Multiplayer session already in progress
  • Clarified the error message after a WAN disconnection while creating, searching for or playing an online session
  • Achievements no longer occasionally unlock before the criteria have been met when joining a server through Quickplay on Xbox consoles
  • The correct main menu backsplash is now present when signing out of an Xbox Profile from the character select menu on Xbox consoles
  • Items are no longer marked as Junk after upgrading them at the Merchant in Kelvin's Cairn
  • Added a "Waiting for new players to join" message
  • Added and improved the accuracy of existing waypoint markers
  • PC button prompts are no longer displayed throughout the title on PS5
  • Maximum FPS option no longer remains at 60 after a different value is applied in the Options menu
  • HUD no longer overlaps with the loading screen upon a total party wipe
  • 'Gamma Correction' setting now correctly updates when switching to another player profile on main menu on Xbox consoles
  • In-game language setting no longer defaults to English after changing the console language setting to any non-English supported language on Xbox consoles
  • Fixed Move descriptions for Drizzt which had string text when the language was set to Portuguese on PlayStation consoles
  • PC terminology is no longer displayed on Xbox and PlayStation consoles
  • Wireless Controller Configuration option no longer reverts to the previous setting after changing other options at the same time on Xbox consoles
  • The 'Voice Chat Enabled' setting value no longer reverts to a different option value after changing the setting to 'Off' and saving the option change on Xbox consoles
  • The potion UI no longer turns grey when returning to Kelvin's Cairn with zero potions
  • Corrected spelling mistakes in the End Credits
  • The correct boss name is now displayed after completing Crystalline Dreams Act 3
  • Performance settings no longer revert back to default after re-opening the Options menu
  • Fixed an issue in which the Character Sheet and Manage sections could remains stuck on-screen after the player spammed the required inputs
  • Fixed conflicting text information for the level 4 Elixir of Elemental Resistance and the level 4 Elixir of Resistance
  • Fixed an issue in which spamming the save changes function while adjusting the sliders would cause the selector to move on its own
  • Fixed multiple subtitle issues within the intro cinematic for The Goblin's Shard Act 1
  • Fixed an issue in which Voice Chat Volume option in menu did not have any effect on voice chat audio in Multiplayer
  • Challenge rating box no longer defaults to 3 when selecting a mission for the first time of a session
  • The keybind button for switching between lore and set item is now visible before it is pressed
  • AI threat indicator now displays the correct directions of enemies
  • Corrected errors in the set bonus description text on Wulfgar's Reghed Chief set
  • The buff granted by the Warden of Mielikki 8-piece gear set bonus correctly mentions "Second Wind" instead of "Rebirth"
  • Corrected spelling errors throughout the UI
  • Updated Move and Ability description texts for all characters
  • "You have fallen" message no longer remains present on the player's screen when force respawning while becoming tethered to the party leader
  • Fixed an issue in which, sometimes, the Short Rest countdown would start at 0 when triggered offscreen
  • Intelligence stat now has the correct description in the Character Sheet
  • Fixed an issue in which, rarely, the party leader status swaps to another player in the party
  • Netherese Keystone icon no longer switches to Runestone icon when the player pauses and resumes the game throughout the title
  • Corrected discrepancies in the information included in the Tally Screen
  • Mouse cursor is now visible to players if game is first used with a controller on Windows 10
  • Fixed issues in which subtitles were disappearing too quickly during cinematics
  • XP bar no longer shows level higher than 20 in the Tally Screen
  • Tally screen now displays the correct amount of XP received
  • The main objective is no longer displayed as "Kill Icewind" despite completing The Fury of Icewind Act 3 and returning to Kelvin's Cairn
  • Fixed an issue in which players could receive an 'invalid' message in the UI in Multiplayer
  • Players are now able to swap characters when in a full party
  • Fixed an issue in which players joining a quickplay game that has an act selected would not get the act countdown prompt
  • Mission Item icons no longer persist in the HUD after returning from a mission to Kelvin's Cairn
  • Added a "+" in front of the Critical Chance stat
  • Updated Move descriptions


Release Notes - Dark Alliance Version 1.19.531

Updated September 21st, 2021.

Stability Improvements:

  • Fixed out-of-memory crashes after extensive playtime on both PlayStation and Xbox consoles
  • Fixed occasional crashes on Xbox One consoles
  • Resolved disconnects during progression through Act 3 missions
  • Fixed a crash when returning to Basecamp after idling in the Pause Menu during an encounter
  • Fixed an issue in which a hang would occur after the player opens the menu right before a cinematic

Balance Improvements:

  • Fixed several issues in which Icewind’s boss fight phases could be bypassed.
  • Increased loot chances for higher rarities across all difficulties
  • Increased Act completion rewards
  • Increased chance of per-Act preferred sets from 20% to 33%
  • Reduced effectiveness of the Burn status effect which made higher CR bosses too easy to defeat
  • Tundra Raptor Stamina Cost Reduction from 10%/15% to 15%/20%
  • Wearer of the Mask Execution Chance of Dropping Stamina Fragments from 25%/50% to 40%/50%
  • Goblin Bane Taunted Monster Damage Reduction from 20%/30% to 30%/45%
  • Horde Raider Legendary Resistance Buff HP threshold raised from 15% to 20%
  • Bruenor Shield Master Feat Blocking Stamina bonus from 15% to 30%
  • Condition Penetration per INT point increased from 1% to 1.5%
  • Grenade damage increase from 150/175/200/225/250 to 175/200/225/250/300
  • Reduced Duergars, Gnolls and Icewind health by 10%
  • Monster hit points reduced by 33% in single player
  • Monster Physical damage reduced by 25% in single player
  • Elemental damage reduced by 12.5% in single player
  • Buffed Frenzy: from -50% to -70% stamina cost on actions
  • Buffed Frightened: from -50% to -60% physical damage output
  • Buffed Critical Strikes: from 50% to 75% Critical Damage Boost
  • Buffed Precision Strikes: from 30% to 50% Critical Chance Boost
  • Buffed Sapped: from 30% to 40% Stamina Cost Increase
  • Buffed Thorns: from 30% to 50% Damage reflection
  • Faerie Fire: Cooldown reduced from 150sec to 120sec
  • Taunt: Cooldown reduced from 240sec to 120sec
  • Heavy Armor Master feat buffed from 25 to 30 %
  • Medium Armor Master feat buffed from 10 to 15 %
  • Light Armor Master feat buffed from 7 to 10 %
  • Danger Sense Armor feat buffed from 10 to 20 %
  • Savage Attacker Stamina Damage feat buffed from 15 to 20 %
  • Steel Will Condition Resistance feat buffed from 10 to 20 %
  • Precision Shot Critical Damage feat buffed from 40 to 50 %
  • Precision Attack Critical Chance feat buffed from 8 to 10 %
  • Second Wind feat buffed, Stamina cost from -5 to -10 %
  • Defender Armor feat buffed from 15 to 20 %
  • Reduced the stamina usage for Catti-Brie's moves by 5-10%
  • Added a short invincibility duration when Tethering to Party Leader

AI Improvements:

  • Enemies no longer keep walking in place when attempting to return to an area
  • Large enemies can no longer be interrupted from Turn-on-Spot animations and are much harder to stun-lock
  • Enemies now respond more quickly to the player’s presence, move more quickly and are generally more aggressive
  • Monsters no longer change target too frequently in co-op which resulted in them being stuck in a turn state.

UI Improvements:

  • Upgrade gear now has cost displayed in consistent locations in the UI
  • Resolved an issue in which Objective markers sometimes disappeared when player falls off the map during The Fury of Icewind Act 3 boss fight
  • Damage over time numbers are now displayed in multiplayer
  • Players can now rejoin a friend’s previous session from the Steam overlay
  • Lock-on target reticle is no longer placed below Hagedorn in the Crystalline Dreams Act 3
  • Preview now updates when sorting of gear is changed
  • Invite-only game session now swaps to public or friends after new party leader changes it
  • Fixed an issue in which the controller loses functionality in Journals Tab
  • Corrected a 'Hexed resisted' string being shown when an enemy resists to a Sapped condition
  • Ability cooldowns now have numerical values in the UI
  • Updated Recommended Combat Power scores according to new balancing and feedback
  • Stamina now refills immediately after a Short Rest
  • Quickplay Bonus is now shown consistently from different party members’ point of view
  • Updated the estimated act length icons on the World Map
  • A button prompt is now present for an exhausted execute on Akar Kessell
  • Tether is no longer activated in Boss Fights with large arenas
  • Muted players remain muted after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn or when another player joins the server
  • Trial of Tempus intro banner displays the correct location
  • Fixed an issue in which the Short Rest UI would sometimes remain stuck on-screen
  • The 'Hold Ability' button now displays an animation of input while using Preset 2 Control Scheme
  • Characters no longer get deleted without player input when going back to the Character Selection screen after confirming changes in the Options Menu
  • The 'M' key no longer causes a conflict when it is rebound in the keybinding menu
  • Escape key can nolonger be bound in the Keybinding Menu
  • Windows key can no longer be bound in the Keybinding Menu
  • Fixed an exploit in which Attributes could be increased indefinitely without spending Attribute Points when exiting the Character Sheet while in the process of allocating an Attribute Point using a controller
  • Voice chat UI pop up no longer remains visible on screen even when the microphone is muted.

Boss Improvements:

  • Garnn has been made more challenging during the boss fight in Companions of Icewind Dale Act 3
  • Icewind Phase transition during boss fight is no longer delayed
  • Icewind doesn't receive debuffs from being Frightened by Drizzt abilities
  • Kelvin's Pillars of Ice now properly spawn around each non-downed players in the arena
  • Fixed an issue in which Akar Kessell could rarely teleport under the map in The Order of the One Light Act 3
  • Bosses are more difficult to stun-lock
  • Players can no longer escape certain boss rooms
  • Bosses no longer aggro downed players (unless there are buffs active which override this)
  • Icewind no longer loses her invincibility when a player is revived beside her in The Fury of Icewind Act 3
  • Icewind no longer becomes unresponsive after a Total Party Down
  • Icewind no longer flickers above elevator before flying in multiplayer
  • Icewind's Bite attack now correctly causes a hurt reaction
  • Beholder boss can no longer teleport out of the level and be defeated instantly
  • Kelvin is now able to hit the player character when performing an Upward Slash during The Mask of Kelvin Act 3
  • Icewind no longer constantly uses attacks that cannot reach the player character
  • Murdunn no longer teleports repeatedly after becoming exhausted while teleporting during Companions boss fight
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Icewind's invulnerability buff would not activate between phases in The Fury of Icewind Act 3
  • Fixed a rare issue in which Icewind's final phase shifts do not occur after the player fires the last ballista in The Fury of Icewind Act 3

General Bug Fixes:

  • The player character can no longer get stuck out of bounds jumping off the shrine area into a wall in The Goblin’s Shard
  • Added physical damage components to moves which were previously only dealing elemental damage
  • Players can no longer stunlock Hagedorn with light attack while in teleportation animation
  • Hagedorn now receives debuffs from magic abilities
  • Resolved an issue in which Large Chest gear would sometimes spawn in the floor of the level out of reach of players
  • Player no longer become stuck after jumping onto a specific ledge in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
  • Viper Fang Kick move now correctly triggers the Elemental Adept buff
  • Stonegrinder boss no longer instantly dies when knocked into the siege weapons at the end of Companions Act 2
  • The Short Rest now correctly spawns for an encounter in Beholder Act 1
  • Elemental Fire Damage buff from Bruenor's Anvil of Clanggedin now deals Fire damage in multiplayer
  • Player characters can no longer clip through a specific wall into an out-of-world area near the death plane in Beholder Act 2
  • Interacting with a campfire is no longer prioritized over reviving an ally
  • Climbing a ladder is no longer prioritized over reviving an ally
  • Fixed an issue in which a Total Party Down would sometimes occur with one player still alive
  • Goblins associated with each ballista no longer have a noticeable delay in aggro to the player
  • Collision has been added to a wooden wall to prevent players moving their character outside the bounds of the level in The Goblin’s Shard Act 2
  • Allies revived with Cattie-Brie's Resurrections ability are now counted towards total revives during the tally screen
  • Resolved an issue in which players are sometimes unable to join from the Friend's List
  • Players can no longer get around the magical barrier in a side area in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 1
  • 3D model no longer displays previously selected item when switching pages of a specific gear type in the Equip panel of the Character Sheet menu
  • Fixed an issue in which the player is presented with a white loading screen when searching for a Public session before walking on the portal to start an act in Kelvin's Camp
  • Characters are no longer able to jump to an area in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 3 which renders them stuck and unable to escape
  • Enemies no longer jitter when moving during a Multiplayer session in Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
  • The correct pressure plates now remain active after being activated in the Puzzle room of Verbeeg Jamboree Act 2
  • Quickplay bonus is no longer awarded in single player
  • Monster rotations and flying animations are no longer erratic in multiplayer throughout the title
  • The buff 'Elemental Weapon Cold' from Bruenor's Stomping Quake now adds cold damage to attacks while in MP
  • Steel Will feat now gives 10% condition resistance
  • Goblin's Flee reaction is no longer interrupted prematurely
  • Stats no longer reroll after changing the skin of a weapon
  • Added missing barks and banter throughout the title
  • Fixed an issue in which downed players would occasionally fail to get revived after using a Short Rest
  • Abilities now correctly adjust to terrain when cast
  • Team attack window has been increased to five seconds
  • Reduced the harshness of the VFX from Akar Kessell's Thunderwave move in The Order of the One Light Act 3
  • Fixed an issue in which player would occasionally fail to Connect to/Create a Session with no error message
  • Fixed an issue in which some users would disconnect after completing a mission in an invite only lobby
  • Switching profiles on Xbox now updates the Trophies assets in Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Starting any act in Multiplayer while alone no longer resets difficulty to level one
  • Players no longer fail to join session via invitations when the host cycles to an Invite-Only Multiplayer session
  • Fixed issues involving enemies not respawning when backtracking through levels
  • Players no longer respawn at the start of certain levels when force respawning
  • Full Roundhouse move now triggers Elemental Adept buff
  • Fixed issues in which players could get tethered inside walls
  • Online sessions can no longer be searched after activating the teleportation circle at basecamp
  • Improved Catti-Brie's ranged attacks to address attacks not registering when performed in quick succession while moving
  • Players are no longer sometimes tethered into thick fog in Crystalline Dreams Act 2
  • Improved sync of Monster attacks and animations
  • Fixed an issue in which some players would remain stuck on a loading screen in multiplayer
  • Intelligence now increases elemental damage dealt by abilities with innate elemental damage
  • Purple ability cooldown fragments now drop from defeated monsters
  • Cinematics now run more smoothly on Xbox One
  • Character models and gear now load more quickly in Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Improved dodging and aiming responsiveness
  • Fixed an issue in which players could not re-enable Voice Chat after disabling it
  • Cloud save data no longer overwrites character data when joining a multiplayer session
  • Enemy health bars now correctly display when using lock-on mode
  • Fixed an issue in which players would be disconnected when returning to Kelvin’s Cairn
  • Characters no longer fall through environment after holding the Block or Aim button while attempting to descend ladders in Goblin at the Gates
  • Frostwave grind move now grants the Vampiric buff and fills the Ultimate on hit


Release Notes - Dark Alliance Version 1.18

Updated August 2nd, 2021.

  • Lore Items/Now It Makes Sense Achievement: This achievement now triggers correctly. If you collected all collectibles before this game update, you will need to create a brand new character and pick up a collectible for the achievement to pop (the one at the Base Camp works).
  • Increased Font Size: Text for objectives, dialogue and journal entries now have increased font size.

AI Improvements:

  • When teleporting, enemies now use the player’s position at the start of the teleport.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Stygian Charger in The Order of the One Light Act 1 was unresponsive after being attacked.
  • Enemies now notice the player more quickly.after being dropped in multiplayer.
  • Enemies transition out of their taunt to attack the player character as soon as the player character is in range.
  • Enemies are now more difficult to stun-lock.

Exploits Removed:

  • Fixed several issues in which Icewind’s boss fight phases could be bypassed.
  • Crystals can no longer be infinitely upgraded after downgrading them once at the Merchant in Kelvin's Cairn.


  • Restored a missing keybind for opening the Player Menu by using a keyboard in the options menu.
  • Fixed an issue in which the mouse was not functional when attempting to navigate the Party Management screen and the Journal in the Character Sheet.


  • Party host can access the Trophies menu in Basecamp.
  • Resolved the delay when attempting to pick up quest-essential items in multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue in which players would sometimes join a public session after accepting an invite from a friend.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Matchmaking improvements.
  • Fixed issues in which players would be unable to enter boss rooms after teleporting to the party leader.
  • Fixes to rubber banding.
  • Fixed an issue in which muted players would get unmuted automatically after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn.
  • Fixed an issue in which Catti-brie's healing spirit effect lasted until the players were loaded back into the base camp.
  • Fixed an issue where starting any act alone while in Multiplayer set the act to difficulty challenge rating 1.
  • Quickplay bonus now provides XP in the tally screen.
  • Fixed Alchemist Fire damage not displaying in Multiplayer.
  • Fixed an issue in which the forced respawn button would disappear after pressing start.
  • Coldstone Guardian armor's set bonus invulnerability now expires after Bruenor's whirlwind ability has finished in multiplayer.


  • Reduced the delay for characters getting up after being knocked down during combat.
  • Fixed collision issues allowing players to go out of world.
  • Improvements to the enemy threat indicator HUD.
  • Fixed issues in which some enemies were invisible to the player.
  • Fixed several issues involving enemies spawning inside level terrain.
  • UI and objective marker improvements.
  • Fixed an issue in which stamina usage was inconsistent between different heroes.
  • Fixed issues in which characters would get stuck to training dummies and some enemies while in melee combat.
  • Fixed burning debuff when character walks into a lava fall.
  • Added VFX for the Frost Giant's Ground Shatter AoE attack.


  • Fixed several instances of player progression being reset.
  • Fixed an issue in which characters would not level up upon returning to basecamp after having completed a challenge rating 6 mission.
  • Fixed an issue in which loot completion rewards would not be displayed in the tally screen after completing an Act.
  • Removed the 10-second wait time before the tally screen after a player successfully completes an act; thetally screen can now be skipped.
  • Fixed issues with stat and combat power calculations in the UI.



Release Notes – Dark Alliance Version 1.17.85

Updated July 21st 2021

  • Fixed infinite loading after a total party wipe during a boss fight.
  • Fixed an issue where players would disconnect after rejoining an existing session.
  • Fixed an issue where quest items could not be collected immediately after being dropped in multiplayer.
  • Improvements to AI responsiveness. Most enemies now react faster at the start of combat and quickly turn to face the players. However, certain enemies are still slow to take actions once they notice players. This is actively being worked on.
  • Stability improvements.
  • Fixed animations and attacks that were out of sync.
  • Moves and selected difficulty can now be viewed during a mission.
  • Large enemies are now harder to stagger, although some can still be staggered in certain situations.
  • Stamina drain on Drizzt’s moves have been reduced.
  • Fixed an issue where players remained stuck outside the magic barriers when a boss fight was triggered.
  • Fixed an issue where Garn’s Mirror Image phantoms could spawn outside the arena.
  • Fixed an issue in Crystalline Dreams Act II where it was possible to fall through the map.
  • Fixed a visual issue in Verbeeg Jamboree Act I where the explosive barrel socket would appear prematurely.
  • Added missing “+” symbol to critical chance sub-stats
  • Balance changes
    1. Monsters:
      • Stonegrinder: reduced health and damage, increased armor
      • Abomination: reduced armor and damage
      • Hellraider: slightly reduced damage
      • Trolls: reduced regeneration rate
      • Kelvin: greatly increased health
      • General Greags: slightly decreased health
    2. Loot:
      • Removed the chance of extra usables dropping from small chests.
    3. Gear sets and feats:
      • Underdark Camo: reduce chance to apply poisoned.
    4. Progression:
      • Rebalanced XP to impact the early game. Some players were progressing from levels 1 to 5+ after just one mission of play. The update smooths out progression to reduce the scenarios where players gain experience in early levels so quickly.
    5. Challenge Ratings (the following only affects CR5 and greater):
      • Greatly increased monster condition resistance, condition penetration, armor, and elemental resistances
      • Increased monster damage
      • Increased monster health
      • Increased hazard damage
    6. Buffs & Debuffs
      • Greatly reduced effectiveness of weakened, cursed, and powerful Strikes.
    7. Gear:
      • Reduced the amount of maximum stamina and stamina cost reduction received from gear.
      • Stamina regeneration can no longer be rolled twice on gear.


Patch Notes - Dark Alliance V ??

Updated July 13th 2021

  • We have released a minor patch to the game today, which addresses the majority of disconnects happening at the end of a mission.


Patch Notes – Dark Alliance V 1.16

Updated July 2, 2021
Thank you for all your dedication to Dark Alliance. Thanks to the feedback from the community, we have made the following updates to the latest version of Dark Alliance. We are continuing to make changes to improve gameplay experience, please see the Dark Alliance release notes for known issues we are actively working on.

If you encounter a new bug, please report it here:

Patch Notes – Dark Alliance V 1.16

• Improvements to multiplayer latency.
• Voice chat remains enabled after returning to Kelvin’s Cairn.
• Improvements to camera lock-on.
• Improvements to user interface.
• Improvements to teleporting attacks made by enemies.
• Instances where progression is blocked when a player respawns as a boss dies has been fixed.
• Balance changes and tethering improvements.


Day 1 Patch Notes and Known Issues

Thank you for playing Dark Alliance. We hope you enjoy your experience and are hard at work on making it better. These are the updates made to the latest version of the game, as well as some known issues that we’re actively working to resolve.

If you encounter a new bug, please report it here:

Patch Notes
• General improvements and bug fixes.
• Game balance and difficulty adjustments.

Known Issues
• Players are unable to make a cross-gen session between the PS4 and PS5. Our intention is to allow
cross-generation play.
• Steam currently does not have cross-play with Windows 10 and Xbox platforms. While you can play
cross-platform between Xbox and Windows 10, we do also intend to provide cross-play with Steam.
This will come shortly in a post-launch update
• You currently can only have a party structure of 1 Drizzt, 1 Bruenor, 1 Catti-brie, and 1 Wulfgar.
Shortly, in a post-launch update we will allow players to play their party in any configuration (e.g. all
• Occasional disconnects when rejoining an existing session through quickplay on PS4.
• Mission summaries not appearing during loading screens.
• Pressing the sort button repeatedly can cause the journal to freeze.
• Some banter and associated subtitles are missing.
• Purple fragments not dropping properly from defeated monsters.
• Redeemed DLC items only available at the Merchant after obtaining gear from a mission.
• Difficulties joining Invite-Only and Friends-Only sessions.
• Some delay when opening menus.
• Certain boss characters are not receiving debuffs properly.
• Enemy banter missing in some areas in multiplayer.
• Some enemy delay in aggro towards players.
• Enemy threat indicator not recalibrating when engaging new enemies.

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