Piwafwis are a type of Armor in Dark AlliancePiwafwis can only be equipped by Drizzt Do'UrdenPiwafwis can be used to increase our Hero defense and to change his appeareance. Piwafwis can also boost our character Stats. Each Piwafwi is part of an Armor SetArmor grants defensive properties against various enemies and also provides with different fixed and random modifiers that affect the character's stats. 


Armor Rarity & Rank

Each Armor piece can be found in different Rarities, which means that a Legendary version of a piece of equipment or a full Armor Set will grant better Stats than the Common version. Besides, higher Rarity equipment also features its own aesthetics

Common Uncommon ♦ Rare ♦  Epic ♦  Legendary

Besides Rarity, each piece of equipment features a Rank from 1 to 5. The higher the Rank, the better the piece's stats. Therefore, you may want to get not only a Legendary version of an item, but also rank 5 of that Legendary item to obtain the better stats.

Armor Upgrade

Unlinke Rarity and Rank, Armor Level can be upgraded by talking to Kartik. Each Armor piece can be upgraded up to Level 3, the higher the level the better the protection.

Armor Level 1: provides Armor +1
Armor Level 2: provides Armor +2
Armor Level 3: provides Armor +3

To upgrade Armor level, you will need both Gold (coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px)  and Materials. The rarity of the item you want to upgrade will settle the rarity of the Crystals you are going to need. Please visit the Merchant page for more information.


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