Reliefs in Dark Alliance are a type of Collectable. They are an artistic depiction of various events that have happened way before the main story of the game. Reliefs mainly show events in Kelvin's life. 

All Collectables in Dark Alliance



All Reliefs in Dark Alliance

Kelvin Rides The Dragons
Kelvin Rides The Dragons
Kelvin rides the white, Scintilla, and the black, Vileroetta, clipping their wings and sending them cratering to their destruction. The Goblin Tower
The burning of Valtaeros
The burning of Valtaeros
The Great Red, Araxabrax the Merciless, brings flame and fire to Kelvin's floating cities. Bangor's Span
Kelvin Defends his Cities
Kelvin Defends his Cities
The black dragon, Vileroetta, and her ally, the withe dragon, Scintilia, assault Kelvin's floating cities with acid and ice. The Floating City
Kelvin Traps a Bronze
Kelvin Traps a Bronze
Kelvin the Great devised traps baited with treasure to lure greedy dragons to their doom. A Tomb of Ice
Kelvin Triumphs over Dragons
Kelvin the Great made his lands safe from the tyranny of dragons. Order of the One Light
Kelvin Faces Araxabrax
Kelvin the Great engages the Great Red, Araxabrax the Merciless The Face of Kelvin
Kelvin Surrounded
Scintilia, the white, and Vileroetta, the black, drive Kelvin to his throne. The Face of Kelvin


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