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Stamina is a General Stat in Dark Alliance. Stamina will affect the Attack overall value. Stamina is also affected by the Equipment, the Feats and the Attributes of the corresponding hero.


Stamina Information

The amount of Stamina is shown in your HUD in a green bar. It is used to perform different attacks, abilities and moves, and it regenerates automatically after a short delay, but it can also be replenished by the usage of items. Increasing the Stamina will also increase the Attack Stat.


How to increase Stamina

The following Equipment increases the Stamina of your hero: 

  • Tundra Raptor Set (3 Pieces: +10% Stamina Cost Reduction, 5 Pieces: +15% Stamina Cost Reduction)
  • Wearer of the Mask Set (3 Pieces: +25% chance to drop Stamina Fragments, 5 Pieces: +50% chance to drop Stamina Fragments)
  • Battlehammer King Set (3 Pieces: +15% Reduced Stamina cost to Blocking, 5 Piece: +25% Reduced Stamina cost to Blocking)

Spending an Attribute Point on the following Attributes will increase Stamina of your hero:

Spending a Feat Point on the following Feats will increase Stamina of your hero:


Notes and Tips

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