Stygian Charger are Enemies in Dark AllianceStygian Charger can be found at the following Missions: Bangor's Span, An Infernal Dispute and Order of the One Light. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Stygian Charger Description

Stygian Charger is a big enemy, it's not encountered very oftenly. Sometimes Stygian Charger is summoned with magic. There are no Stygian Charger type bosses.



Stygian Charger Combat Information

Stygian Charger is a tank type enemy. It's rare to see more than one at the same combat, but still there are occasions where that happens. Stygian Charger attacks are very stunning and he can make you fall to the ground easily to make you vulnerable to the rest of the enemies. They have a big amount of health, but they are not hard to defeat if they are confronted alone. It is best to defeat the rest of the enemies first and then to fight him.


Stygian Charger Location

Stygian Charger can be found at the following Missions:


Stygian Charger Notes & Tips

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