The Verbeeg Jamboree is a Mission in Dark AllianceThe Verbeeg Jamboree is the first act of Verbeeg Jamboree. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions. Below you will find a complete The Verbeeg Jamboree Walkthrough.


General Information


Video Walkthrough

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Preferred Gear Set Drop



  • 6 Big Chests
  • 8 Small Chests

Full The Verbeeg Jamboree Walkthrough


Difficulty Settings


Recommended Combat Score 1,000

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 1,500
common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 120
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 50


Recommended Combat Score 1,250

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 2,000
common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 280
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 120


Recommended Combat Score 1,500

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 2,700
uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 60
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 220


Recommended Combat Score 1,850

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 1 - 2
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 3,300
rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 20
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 375


Recommended Combat Score 2,300

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 3 - 4
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 4,000
rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 40
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 600


Recommended Combat Score 2,800

item_rank_range_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxItem Rank Range: 4 - 5
guaranteed_loot_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGuaranteed Loot: 2
coin_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxGold: 5,000
common_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxMaterial: 18
xp_experience_icons_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25pxExperience: 920


Verbeeg and Goblins had worked together to invade the Dwarven Valley, but some had broken off and had taken Annuragon's Forge.

We would have to take out the verbeeg holding the forge gates before dealing with whatever horros we would find within.

To find the verbeeg, we would only have to follow the sound of their voices.

Main Objectives

♦ Reach the Portal
♦ Locate the verbeeg camp
♦ Defeat the Verbeeg at the camp
♦ Find the missing Verbeeg
♦ Defeat Gutnir Widebelly


♦ Defeat Flicker the Toe Thief and his crew
♦ Destroy goblin weapon racks 1/20


Locate the verbeeg camp

After the cutscene at the beginning of the quest, you will gain control of your character. There's a crystal at the corner in the back and some boxes to wreck around. On the left near the edge of the platform there's a Weapon Rack, destroy it. There's a portal gate at the edge of the platform, go through it, it will teleport you to the next platform. Destroy the barricades and go through the next portal. There is a bit of gold on your right and some breakable stuff to loot, then take the main way through the stairs. Break the 2 Weapon Racks on your right, careful of the explosive barrel and loot the chest behind it. Climb the wall at the end of the way, on the right of where you just climbed there's a Weapon Rack. Defeat the Goblins and the Goblin Booyahg. After defeating them, a Short Rest will become available, there's a Weapon Rack on the right.

There's a chest and a tablet behind the tents. Next to the tents, on the right, there's a Weapon Rack. You can climb a little platform in front of you and collect the Netherese Keystone. On the right there's a way that leads to Big Chest and another Weapon Rack, by jumping a platform and sprinting through a poisonous plant, you will be ambushed by a group of Goblins and a Goblin Booyahg. Return to the main way, and follow the way to the left of the tents, defeat the Goblins and the Goblin Captain. On the left there's another close to the edge of the platform. And on the left of it, there's a force field that can be unlocked by placing the Netherese Keystone on the slot on the right. There's a Big Chest on the right and 1 tablet on an altar at the end of this area. Come back to the main way, but before continuing, you will see a wooden path on the left on the edge of the cliff, walk over the sign to turn it on. Follow the waypoints and jump down, there's a small group of Goblins, defeat them. Close to the edge, there's a Weapon Rack on the left. Also destroy the barrels to uncover a sign on the ground, step on it to turn it on. Move closely to the right of the edge and look down, there's a Big Chest below. Keep moving on to a blue area, there's a chest on the right. There's a Troll and some Goblins may appear while you fight it at the end of this arena, defeat them. You will be able to perform a Short Rest at this point.

Jump to the next platform, time the fire geysers on the wall to avoid getting hit by it. Cross the bridge and defeat the Goblins and the Goblin Captain. Destroy the barricade to the front and jump down. Hit the grey stones on the right to reveal a Big Chest, loot it and also collect the Explosive barrel at the end of this area. In this area you will encounter Flicker the Toe Thief and his crew. Defeat them to complete the Optional objective. Go back to the last bridge you crossed turn right and place the explosive barrel on the wooden door. There's a big chest inside, loot it and collect the painting on the left. Return to the main way and follow the waypoints. There are some more Weapon Racks in this Area. Defeat the Goblin Booyahg and the Gnoll. At this point you will be able to perform a Short Rest.

Destroy the Weapon Racks around you. Hit the stones on the left of the main way and climb up. Destroy the barricades on the left path and press the sign on the ground, follow the main way jumping through the platforms. On the last platform, break the barricade on the right, loot the chest and destroy the Weapon Rack. Go back to the main way, but this time climb up to the left instead of going right. Right after you climbed up, go to the right, skip the poisonous plants, don't miss the Weapon Racks. Jump down, collect the tablet at the end and loot the Big Chest. A Verbeeg will suddenly attack you, defeat him. Back to the main way, there's a chest hidden behind breakable woods on the left. Destroy the Weapon Rack next to the ladder and keep going. Jump down to the campfire where the Verbeeg are.

Defeat the Verbeeg at the camp

Defeat them. One of the Verbeeg will appear buffed, and may be Poisonous. At this point you will be able to perform a Short Rest.

Find the missing Verbeeg

The last Verbeeg will drop an explosive barrel that you can collect, collect it. There's a hidden chest behind a wooden wall. Place it on the indicated door and blow it up. Get inside, climb up to the left, jump to the next platform, defeat the Goblins. Destroy the Weapon Rack on the right. There's a hidden bridge, on the left, destroy the barricade and cross it. Loot the chest, press the sign on the ground to the right and destroy the Weapon Rack on the left. Follow the waypoints to the large gate, don't approach yet. Opposite to the gate there's a broken concrete bridge with a Shrine at the edge, interact with it to gain an extra Attribute Point. To the left of the gate there are breakable stones hidding a chest. Keep going to the left, jump down and you will find a Weapon Rack. Now you may approach to the gate.

Defeat Gutnir Widebelly

Gutnir Widebelly will spawn at the gate. He is like a common Verbeeg with more health, if you saved your ultimate, use it against him to finish him off quickly.


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