Trials of Tempus is a Mission in Dark AllianceTrials of Tempus is the first tutorial of the game. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions. Below you will find a complete Trials of Tempus Walkthrough.


General Information


Video Walkthrough

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Full Trials of Tempus Walkthrough

Act 1


  • Defeat Monsters with Light Attacks 0/3
  • Defeat Monsters with Fierce Attacks 0/3
  • Perform a 4-Hit Combo 0/3
  • Perform a Ranged Attack 0/3
  • Perform a Jump 0/3
  • Perform an Evade 0/3
  • Perform a Dash 0/3
  • Block a Monster attack 0/3
  • Parry a Monster Attack 0/3
  • Lock-on to a target 0/1
  • Change the lock-on target 0/3
  • Drink a Healing Potion 0/1
  • Fill Ultimate Bar 0/1
  • Activate Ultimate 0/1
  • Perform an Empowered Strike 0/1
  • Open the Chest 0/1

Tempus, The Lord of Battles, calls forth the greatest warriors of Icewind Dale to prove they are ready to face the challenges yet to come.

Interact with the map and select the Trials of Tempus. Turn back and head down the first set of stairs directly in front of you, then head left and go up the next staircase until you reach a rune-like inscription on the ground. Interact with it to start the Quest.

You will be given basic instructions, like perform a light attack, a Ranged Attack, how to perform combos, etc. You will be facing only one type of Enemy, and they are basically harmless, as they will only act according to the learning process.

Once you complete all the objectives one by one, eventually you will be asked to loot the chest, ending this act.




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Trivia & Notes

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      My first time playing and I got to drink a potion bit of this mission and the game completely bugged to where I could do anything besides walk around locked on an enemy.. couldn't drink a potion, couldn't attack, run, jump, parry, dodge nothing

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