Trolls are Enemies in Dark AllianceTrolls can be found at the Missions that are listed below. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Trolls Description

Trolls are massive creatures who can and will eat almost any other living thing. They are always hungry, perhaps because of their ability to regenerate quickly, regrowing severed limbs and even heads.
This ability also makes them extremely reckless; they feel no pain and fear no injury. They believe themselves to be invulnerable to lasting harm, so they are willing to take great risks. Trolls like to ambush their prey, and they often hide in mud pools where hot springs and steam vents have melted the ground. Animals and travellers in search of warmth or drinking water should be wary of these locations. There are many different types of trolls beyond the common troll, some of whom have elemental or environmental affinities. Ice trolls and venom trolls are common varieties that inhabit Icewind Dale, and they are particularly dangerous.
Many trolls fought alongside Akar Kessell during the siege of Bryn Shander, some acting as his personal bodyguards. Since Kessell's defeat, they have been roaming Icewind Dale looking for prey.



Trolls Combat Information

Trolls are perhaps the most dangerous enemy throughout the game, they have a lot of health and require a lot of damage to be defeated, they even regen their health very quickly if they don't receive any damage for a short period. Your advantage against them is that they walk slowly and some of their attacks have very slow animations. Trolls may throw rocks at you if you are out of their melee range. There are also elemental Trolls, that may cause you elemental Damage, but the most dangerous one is the Cold type Troll. They can easily freeze you, and attack you all toghether while you are Frozen, they may surround while you are Frozen making it harder to go away. Defeat the rest of the enemies first, and avoid getting Frozen or surrounded by your enemies. If you are fighting more than one Troll at once, focus on one, and try not to focus on another enemy until you defeat that Troll otherwise they will regen their health.


Trolls Location

Trolls can be found at the following Missions:


Trolls Notes & Tips

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