Ultimate in Dark Alliance is the supreme attack. Ultimates are very powerful abilities with different functions for each Hero. Ultimates can be charged by performing Combos. When fully charged, you will be able to activate your Ultimate. Below you will find all the information about the Ultimates for each Hero.

How to charge your Ultimate?

Ultimate is a very powerful ability with different functions for each hero. To use Ultimate, you must first charge it by performing combos, and the longer the combo is, the faster the Ultimate bar will charge. Every successful hit in Dark Alliance increases your hit counter. Besides, the Hit Counter is shared by all party players.

Note that combos are not reset when enemies hit our Hero, instead the hit counter returns to 0 after about 3 seconds of not landing a hit on an enemy. 

Enemies also may drop yellow fragments, that increase your ultimate bar.



All Ultimates in Dark Alliance

Arcane Arrows

Arrows have a larger hit radius, deal bonus damage and pierce through breakable objects and Monsters in a straight line.

Hero: Catti-Brie

Astral Companion

Guenhwyvar attacks random targets within a 20m radius of Drint and is immune to all damage.

Hero: Drizzt Do'Urden

Clan Battlehammer

A banner that creates a sphere of powerful magic. The sphere grants significant Physical and Elemental Resistance to all allies within the radius.

Hero: Bruenor Battlehammer

Wrath of Tempus

Spin of Fury, which deals massive damage in a medium area.

Hero: Wulfgar

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