Uncommon Crystals

Type Materials

Uncommon Crystals are Materials in Dark AllianceUncommon Crystals can be found during different Missions and as a Mission reward. Materials are used in Dark Alliance to upgrade Equipment such as Weapons or Armor.


Uncommon Crystals Description

Uncommon Crystals are the  second-weakest tier Material in Dark Alliance. Uncommon Crystals can be upgraded to Rare Crystals for uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px8  and gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 150.

Uncommon Crystals can be downgraded to Common Crystals for uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1 to and gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px25.


Uncommon Crystals Uses

Uncommon Crystals  can be used to upgrade Equipment and to change Skins.


Uncommon Crystals Notes & Tips

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