Verbeeg Jamboree is a Mission in Dark AllianceVerbeeg Jamboree becomes available once you complete all three acts of Companions of Icewind Dale. Missions in Dark Alliance need to be completed in order to progress the story forward. You can obtain more and better loot as you complete more Missions

Missions in Dark Alliance are divided into three different Acts. Once you complete an act, the next one becomes available. When you complete all three acts, another Mission becomes available.

Verbeeg Jamboree

Mission Briefing

The verbeeg have taken control of Annuragon's Forge and slaughtering any dwarf in sight.


Preferred Gear Set Drop

Duergar Infiltrator Set (Bruenor Battlehammer)
Battlehammer Princess Set (Catti-Brie)
Do'Urden Prince Set (Drizzt Do'Urden)
Blacksmith's Apprentice Set (Wulfgar)



Once you complete all three acts of  Verbeeg Jamboree you unlock the following Missions:




Verbeeg Jamboree Acts

The Verbeeg Jamboree


Verbeeg and goblins had worked together to invade the Dwarven Valley, but some had broken off and had taken Annuragon's Forge.

We would have to take out the verbeeg holding the forge gates before dealing with whatever horrors we would find within.

To fin the verbeeg, we would only have to follow the sound of their voices.

enemies_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_80pxEnemies: Goblins, Verbeeg, Goblin Captain, Goblin Booyahg, Gnoll

bosses_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxBossess: Gutnir Widebelly

Designs of the Duergar


Though dwarven sappers had cut off access to the forge from their Halls, the verbeeg managed to break in through the exterior gate.

What we didn't count on were the duergar who had their own designs on Annuragon's Forge.

The duergar had hidden the runestone keys to lock the forge gate. We would have to recover those keys before we could enter the forge and deal with the verbeeg inside. 

enemies_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_80pxEnemies: Duergar, Goblins, Verbeeg, Gnoll.

bosses_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxBosses: Gruuln Threechin, Hoarsk Shalefoot, Thurn Dreamreader.

A Feast for all Cretins


Verbeeg. Vile creatures - with a taste for the flesh of dwarves.

What they didn't count on were the duergar who had their own designs on Annuragon's Forge.

Though we would cut down every last verbeeg found within the forge, what we witnessed there would scar us for the rest of our days. 

enemies_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_80pxEnemies: Goblins, Gobling Booyahg, Duergar, Verbeeg

bosses_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_150pxBosses: The Chef


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