Vrogulb Frostgrip

Vrogulb Frostgrip
Mission Goffin's Door

Vrogulb Frostgrip is one of the Bosses in Dark Alliance. Bosses are powerful Enemies, that deal massive damage and can have various immunities or resistances to certain attacks. They are usually found at the end of each act.


Vrogulb Frostgrip information

Vrogulb Frostgrip can be found at the end of Goffin's Door, alongside Nelgand the Slurper and Icebiter.


Vrogulb Frostgrip Location 


How to Beat Vrogulb Frostgrip

Vrogulb Frostgrip Boss Guide:


Vrogulb Frostgrip is a Goblin Booyahg-type of Boss, he performs magic ranged attacks.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Ice Blast: Vrogulb shoots a ranged ice attack with his staff. Dodge to either side.

Notes and Tips

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