Rare Crystals

Type Materials

Rare Crystals are Materials in Dark AllianceRare Crystals can be found during different Missions and as a Mission reward. Materials are used in Dark Alliance to upgrade Equipment such as Weapons or Armor.


Rare Crystals Description

Rare Crystals are the third tier Material in Dark Alliance, better than Uncommon Crystals and worse than Epic Crystals

Rare Crystals can be upgraded to Epic Crystals for rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px6 to epic_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1. Costs gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px 500.

Rare Crystals can be downgraded to Uncommon Crystals for rare_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px1 to uncommon_crystal_materials_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px8. Costs gold_icon_dark_alliance_wiki_guide_25px75.


Rare Crystals Uses

Rare Crystals  can be used to upgrade Equipment and to change Skins.


Rare Crystals Notes & Tips

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