Slugvogg is one of the Bosses in Dark Alliance. Bosses are powerful Enemies, that deal massive damage and can have various immunities or resistances to certain attacks. They are usually found at the end of each act.


Slugvogg information

Slugvogg is a verbeeg that can be found at the end of The Goblin Valley. 


Slugvogg Location 




How to Beat Slugvogg

Slugvogg Boss Guide:


Slugvogg is a standard Verbeeg mini-boss that can be found at the end of The Goblin Valley. He brings a groups of Goblins to the fight.


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Spear Thrust: Slugvogg thrusts forward using the spear on his right hand Dodge to either side.
Body Slam: Slugvogg growls and takes impulse by going backwards, to immediately leap forward with his belly. Dodge to either side.
Fist stomp: Slugvogg his the ground with his fist, causing AoE damage in a small radius. Dodge backwards.
Spear throw: Slugvogg throws his chained spear towards the player, if it lands, it will use it to grab you in front of him. Evade to either side.

Notes and Tips

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