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Verbeeg are Enemies in Dark AllianceVerbeeg can be found at the Missions that are listed below. Players can confront Enemies to obtain Experience points, loot and Materials


Verbeeg Description

The Verbeeg are related to giants, although the "true giants" refer to them as giant kin, and mostly exclude them from giant society. They are small by giant standards but massive compared to the common folk of Ten-Towns.

They are misshapen and vicious, with no compassion for other beings. They take child-like delight in their cruelty and other creatures often assume that they are unintelligent. In reality they are extremely clever and deceitful, but with an obsessively narrow focus on their food. Their behavior is not itself a trick, but they know how other people see them and take advantage of it when they can. They use trickery and deception in combat, and some of their tactics are similar to those used for hunting and trapping. The Verbeeg also eat sentient beings that they kill or capture so they may not distinguish between hunting and fighting.

They have no loyalty to anyone but themselves, and will work with whoever they believe they can gain something from. They will equally turn on their allies if they see a better opportunity.


Verbeeg Combat Information

Verbeeg  are the first bigger enemy encountered in the game. They perform many area attacks when you are at their melee range. The hit the ground and they swing around, many of their attack may cause you to fall on your back, and they will still continue hitting you with combos while you are on the ground. They also attack you with their lance, and they seem to be very resistant compared to other enemies at first. They can also hook you from a distance bringing you to their melee range. 


Verbeeg Location

Verbeeg can be found at the following Missions:


Verbeeg Notes & Tips

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